Google Chrome Bookmark Accelerator

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About QuickStar

QuickStar was built so that you can search your categorized bookmarks quickly. The default Chrome bookmark search only searches within the url. Since a lot of bookmarks do not contain any keywords, this is almost useless.

QuickStar turns your existing bookmark folders into searchable tags. This allows you to quickly search for bookmarks or groups of bookmarks by keyword.


  • The ability to search on bookmark folder names as keywords or tags.
  • Prioritizes bookmarks over browser history in search results.
  • Search and Remove bookmarks quickly!
  • Organizing bookmarks into folders generates a searchable tag hierarchy automatically.

To Use

Search from within the extension's interface by clicking the new extension icon (Star) located to the right of Chrome's location bar.

You can also search directly from the ominbox by using the hotkey:
Type * <space> in the location bar, and enter your search term.
Example Search: * funny cats


  • While searching on tags, add an exclamation point to force a keyword into a title or url search term.
    Example Search: * dev css !button
  • Hide the Browser icon by right clicking and choosing "hide button". You can show the button again from chrome's extensions settings panel.

Permission Request

QuickStar requests access to bookmarks. This is only ever used to:

  • Allow you to search your bookmarks
  • Open a new tab with a selected search result

Optionally grant QuickStar permission to open bookmarks in the current tab under settings.